Red Jasper Arrowhead Native American Jewelry

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This Native American Jewelry is a Red jasper arrowhead necklace measuring 18 inches in length. This arrowhead necklace was made in America with Hematite Beads and a 1 3/4 Inch Red Jasper arrowhead and finished with a lobster clasp. This jewelry was made by the Indian artist Taina T, who has created some unique Native American Jewelry for you. The Arrowhead is thought to symbolize the hunter and also symbolizes the adventurer in each of us. Jasper is thought to protect against negativity and promotes healing. Hematite is thought to energize and revitalize you. Many Jasper stones have clear and sometimes very dark lines that run through the Jasper. This Necklace is not fragile but, if you drop it the stone may break! Item includes FREE Gift Box!