Bearlanders - Hematite & Snowflake Obsidian Arrowhead - Necklace

$64.99 $44.44

This Snowflake Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace is made with Hematite Beads and a 1 3/4 Inch by 3/4 Inch Snowflake Obsidian arrowhead, measures 18 inches in length. This jewelry was made by the Native American artist Taina T, who has created distinctively unique jewelry for, our sister company.

In Native American tradition, the Arrowhead is thought to symbolize the hunter and also symbolizes the adventurer in each of us. Obsidian is Volcanic glass (but is not sharp) and is thought to bring out the truth. It helps calm fear and maintain balance in time of change. Hematite is thought to energize and revitalize you. This Necklace is not fragile but, if you drop it the stone may break!